[Online Orientation] MCU Biotechnology Dept. – American Nursing Program

MCU Biotechnology Department [ U.S. Biotechnology – Medical Industry Cohort ]
2+2+3 American nurse employment journey planning

˙ Ming Chuan University (MCU), Taiwan: 2 years education for natural science foundation and English ability training
˙ Lincoln Memorial University (LMU), USA: 2 years for nursing professional training
˙ Examination and 3-year contract employment if you apply the forgiveness loan
˙ Dual Degree in MCU Biotechnology Program and LMU Nursing Program

<English Orientation>
June 7 Wednesday 8:00AM (Taiwan time)
Online Orientation Registration Link: https://forms.gle/FCwnj3QgzYN7Cujv8
Zoom meeting link will be provided via email.

Responsible Unit: International Education and Exchange Division
Contact Number: 3705; ivy@mail.mcu.edu.tw