Ming Chuan University Biotechnology Department

【U.S. Biotechnology- Medical Industry Cohort】

Do you want to have a more exciting college life?
Have a memorable college life through studying 2 years in Taiwan and 2 years in the U.S.A!


    A 2+2+3 American nurse employment journey planning from MUC Taiwan

    . Ming Chuan University (MCU), Taiwan
    2 years education for natural science foundation and
    English ability training
    . Lincoln Memorial University {LMC}, USA:
    2 years for Nursing professional training
    . Examination and 3-year contract employment: if you
    applied the forgiveness loan


    Want to know more about the program? For details, please refer to the website of "Department of Biotechnology, Ming Chuan University"

    Want to inquire about relevant regulations related tolocal student application: Or write to: (the mailbox of the head of the Department of Biotechnology)

    Want to inquire about relevant regulations related to international student application: Please write to: ihp@mail. or (Vietnamese and non Asian students

    Want to inquire about the nursing program at Lincoln University in the United States, Inquiries can be made by writing to: (Emailbox of the Department of Nursing, Lincoln Memorial