In addition to the Taiwan Scholarship, other scholarships are offered by various organizations. MCU offers internatioinal students with acholarships as listed below: Southeast Asian Student Scholarship and Scholarship for Honors Students in class. Applicants musy pay attention to application deadlines for various scholarships. 

**Living and Learning Assistantship for International College Student ~Only for International College Undergraduage Programs students, effective from the Fall semester 2022 intake
**Sports Scholarships for International Students~Only for international students holding foreign passports (cannot have household registration in Taiwan) [now under drafting by the Physical Education Office; details have yet to be confirmed] **International College Tuition Waiver~Tuition Waiver only for the International College Programs students entering in the Fall semester 2021 and the Spring semester 2022
**Southeast Asian Foreign Students Scholarship~Only for bachelor regular programs (non-IC) & southeast asian foreign students
**Scholarship for Honors Students~For whole MCU degree students
**Study Abroad Program Scholarship~Only for degree students and apply to overseas partner school exchange programs
**Taiwan Government Scholarship Program~For Taiwan scholarship recipients
**ICDF Scholarship Program~Only for ICDF scholarship recipients