International students recommended from overseas sister universities of MCU, who intend to participate in the study abroad/ student exchange program at MCU, shall read the Application Guidelines carefully and fully comply with the regulations.
  1. In an effort to fulfill the exchange of international education, Ming Chuan University (MCU) concludes these guidelines for international students who intend to apply for an exchange so to assist them successfully entering and studying at the university.
  2. All applications for admission as non-degree exchange students are based on the agreement with the scheme of exchange programs signed by Ming Chuan University and the applicant’s home institution.
  3. Applications for exchange program with the individual program department at MCU should contact the department coordinator directly. The International Education and Exchange office should keep a copy of all application data.
  4. Unless otherwise specified on the agreement of collaboration, applications for entrance in September should be email-submitted to the Division of International Education and Exchange at MCU before May 30. Applications for entrance in February should be email-submitted to the Division of International Education and Exchange at MCU before November 30. All applicants should be submitted to MCU via the International Office or its equivalent of the applicant’s home institutions. Personal applications are not accepted.
  5. The following documents must be enclosed with the application. Processing might be delayed if applications are incomplete.
    (i) A copy of the completed application form (provided by the International Education and Exchange Division)
    (ii) An official copy of the transcript from the applicant’s home institution
    (iii) Certificate of School Enrollment from the applicant’s home institution
    (iv) One A4 page statement of purpose explaining why you want to study in MCU
    (v) A copy of passport
    (vi) One recent photo (about 1”X 2”): attach on the front page of the application form
    (vii) Copy of Vaccination Certificates of Measles and Rubella, or proof of positive Measles and Rubella antibody titers (English version)
  6. The Division of International Education and Exchange will process the applications within one month and will send out a letter of acceptance to officially admit you for the exchange program.
  7. The duration of entire study at MCU will be at most one year.
  8. Exchange students will pay only tuition at their home institution. Students might pay other expenses while studying at MCU in accordance with the agreement between two schools.
  9. Exchange students are required to take less than 25 credits each semester.
  10. Exchange students may choose Mandarin Language classes. Students who intend to take Mandarin Language classes are required to state the need of the courses and to enclose the statement or recommendation letters of their Mandarin Language proficiency.
  11. All exchange students are guaranteed on or off-campus accommodation, but rooms are allocated by the university. If the student chooses to find his or her own housing, or moves out of the dormitory, the university must be notified in advance.
  12. All exchange students residing in Taiwan for more than four months are required by law to join the National Health Insurance.
  13. Exchange students should apply for Tourist Visa in their residence country to enter Taiwan. After registered at MCU, they can apply for Student Visa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  14. Exchange students are required to comply with MCU regulations.
  15. On the completion of the exchange program, the courses undertaken at MCU may be credited towards students’ award program undertaken at the home institution. MCU Academic Affairs Division will issue the English transcripts to finalize the exchange procedures. Credits for the study are wholly at the discretion of the home institution.
  16. Other matters not stipulated in the guidelines should follow the relevant MCU regulations.

★Ming Chuan accepts visiting students, from university/ college with no official sistership or partnership agreement with MCU, on the basis of one semester of one year.  Visiting students will pay the tuition and related fees directly to MCU and comply with university regulations as other international exchange students. The application form for visiting students is available in ‘Download’ link.