Students are accommodated in off-campus housing and the fee ranges from NT$15,000 for up to NT$21,600 per person per semester.
In Taoyuan, students will stay in 3-person rooms. Beds, desks, shower room, clothes chest, toilet/shower, air-conditioner, and Internet access are provided in every room. TV lounge is provided on every floor.  Dormitory is located off-campus, 10 minutes walk to Taoyuan campus.
In Taipei, students will stay in 3~5-person rooms. Beds, desks, clothes chest, toilet/ shower, air-conditioner, and Internet access are provided in every room. Dormitory is located off-campus, 20 minutes walk to MRT St. Ignatius High School Station. The commute time to MRT Jiantan Station (where MCU Taipei Campus is located) is 15 minutes.

The dormitory’s curfew is from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. For safety reasons, there attendance will be taken every night at 11 p.m. Please note, the dormitory is only available for single students; no married couple accommodations are available.
Cooking is not allowed in the dormitory. Meal plan is not provided. It is very convenient to find food around the campus.

How to apply for accommodation?
International students will need to fill in Service Booking Form, provided by the university. Dormitory is assigned by first come first serve policy, and allocated by the university. 

Private Apartment or Studio
A room with private toilet and bath usually costs NT$5,000-8,000 a month in Taoyuan, NT$6,000-10,000 a month in Taipei (Utilities such as water and electricity are not included.), also including a table, closet and bed.
If students will only be studying at MCU for one semester, we strongly suggest you stay in student dorm of the university since it's normally the easiest and most convenient solution for short-term visitors.
If you decide not to stay in student dorm and are coming to Taiwan without having arranged your private accommodation, we cannot help you finding this. It will be your own responsibility to find your accommodation and please note it is difficult to find affordable short stay accommodation in Taipei city.

Important Information:

  1. Students are accommodated in off-campus housing, and rooms are allocated by the university. If the student chooses to find his or her own housing, or moves out of the dormitory, the university must be notified in advance. The university has the final decision in dormitory assignments.
  2. Students must sign a one-year (12 months) contract. There is no refund if you move out during the year. International Exchange Students who intend to stay at MCU on one-semester exchange program, must sign a one-semester contract. 
  3. Students should prepare a bed quilt, pillows, and mattress on their own. Students can purchase personal bedding set if available in the dormitory, or from shops nearby. 
  4. Students are responsible of maintaining dormitory cleanliness.