International Students recommended from overseas sister universities can find useful information and forms for the study abroad/ student exchange program at MCU. Please feel free to download the information and use it carefully. In case the information is revised, please follow the announcement issued by the MCU International Education and Exchange Office.

MCU Exchange Program Application From (inbound)
Please complete the form in English and attach with one personal photo.
Please wait to confirm your flight ticket only after you receive the Letter of Acceptance issued by Ming Chuan University. We advise students not to buy plane tickets before the finalization of your entry visa in order to avoid costs due to cancellations or rescheduling.

International Exchange Student Handbook
The Handbook contains useful information for incoming exchange students studying abroad at MCU, such as estimated costs, course registration, programs available at MCU, dormitory, visa application procedures, Q & A etc. Please feel free to write to to request for the handbook.

International Exchange Student VISA Application to enter Taiwan
International students must apply VISA in order to enter Taiwan. Once you receive Ming Chuan University’s Admission Letter, please hold this as one of the important document to apply your visa. Please apply your visa at your country’s ROC (Taiwan) missions (Embassies or Representative Offices).

Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment Form (Sample)
Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment needs to be completed by the parents (guardians). In case of medical emergency of the student and need for emergency treatment, Ming Chuan University will try to notify parents (guardians) or person listed on the agreement as an emergency contact.
Before departure, students should prepare the document and have it signed by the parents (guardians), and then bring the original document for the Registration at MCU.

International Exchange Student Airport Pick-up and Dormitory Service Booking Form
MCU provides free airport pick-up service and dormitory booking for incoming exchange students. Please complete the Service Booking form and before the deadline (for Fall semester, before July 30, for Spring semester, before December 31), fax it to +886-3-359-3891 or Email to