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National Immigration Agency provides all kinds of important information, e.g. resident legally, work permit application, health insurance, education tax, etc.
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General Information
Area: 36,000 square kilometers
Population: 23 million
Capital: Taipei City
People: Chinese
Language: Mandarin/Taiwanese/Hakka
Religion: Buddhism/Taoism/Christianity/Islam/Catholicism

Taiwan's total land area is only about 36,000 square kilometers; it is shaped like a tobacco leaf that is narrow at both ends. It lies off the southeastern coast of mainland Asia, across the Taiwan Strait from Mainland China-- a solitary island on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. To the north lies Japan and Okinawa, to the south is the Philippines. Many airlines fly to Taiwan, helping make it the perfect travel destination.

Travel Information
Time: GMT/UTC plus eight hours
Electricity: 110V, 60 Hz
Currency: The Republic of China's unit of currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$), which has      five denominations in paper money and five in coins. Paper money comes in NT$2000, NT$1000, NT$500, NT$200, and NT$100 denominations. Coins come in NT$50, NT$20, NT$10, NT$5 and NT$1 denominations.

Taiwan is extremely suitable for traveling, as the annual average temperature is a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius with lowest temperatures ranging from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius (54-63 Fahrenheit).

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