Here you can find useful information and forms for Study Abroad preparation. Please feel free to download the information and use it carefully. In case the information is revised, please follow the announcement issued by the Study Abroad Center.

MCU Study Abroad Program Handbook (2023 Fall - 2024 Spring)
The handbook contains useful information, such as programs available at international sister schools and the websites, student experience sharing, etc. MCU Study Abroad Handbook (hard copy) can be collected at IEE office.
New program: U.K. - University of Essex 3+1 MCU Bachelor + Essex Master Dual Degrees – no quota limit

2023-2024 Annual Study Abroad Seminar Presentation (2022.12)
The presentation provides very useful information of application requirement and various programs.
The Annual Study Abroad Program Seminar usually takes place in December. Students, who fail to attend, should read the document carefully.

MCU Study Abroad Application Form
Please complete the form in English and attach with one personal photo.

Study Abroad Program Priority List (2023 Fall - 2024 Spring)
Please complete the form and hand in with the application package.

Application for Extension of Exchange Period
Please complete the form, together with academic transcripts, and mail to IEE office before the announced deadline.
Deadline for applying for extension: September 1~15 for spring semester; March 1~15 for fall semester

A letter of consent from parent/ guardian and a letter of guarantee from student (English version)
Please complete the form, sign and stamp.

Overseas Study Credit Waiver Procedure
When accepted by overseas institute, please read the procedures and fill in the required forms (click to download editable files).
Examples for reference: Form A (submit before departure), Form B (submit during course selection), Form C (submit after study ends)  

English-instructed Course lists offered by Korean Universities (for reference only)
Suwon (SpringFall)、Sang MyungPai ChaiAn YangDong-AIndukKyungnam、Gachon (SpringFall)、MyongjiGangneung-WonjuChung-Ang、Hansei (SpringFall)、Incheon National

Please refer to the English-instructed Course lists and plan ahead the course selection. The actual course selection will take place upon registration on site after arriving at the host university in Korea.

English-instructed Course lists offered by Japanese Universities (for reference only)
Chukyo UniversityOsaka University of CommerceUniversity of Fukui

Study Abroad Financial Support – Estimation
The expenses are estimated costs of studying abroad for reference only, not including personal travels, which may be subject to variation depending on the individual behavior and needs. If enrolling in Korean/ Japanese Language Center, tuition fees for language courses should be paid upon arrival at partner schools.

Pre-departure Seminar Presentation PPT (2023.5.23) (seminar recording 2022.5.27)
The pre-departure presentation and helpful hints remind students of various notices before departure and preparation items. Students, who fail to attend, should read the document crefully before going abroad.

Overseas Study Apply for Advance Final Examinations
The document applies to MCU students who need to take final examinations early in order to enroll in overseas partner institutions based on their regulated schedule. Please complete the form and submit it to IEE office no later than Week 12.

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